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Kevlar Carving Gloves

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By employing a kevlar construction in an open weave pattern, these gloves manage to be cut resistant while retaining the properties of breathability and flexibility.

Protection is provided from slicing-action blades at low pressure. In situations where an errant cut with a sharp tool might cause personal injury, these gloves are an excellent way of managing the risk of harm.

Their light weight allows these gloves to be worn comfortably for extended periods of time, and also preserves the feel and feedback that carvers depend upon when using sharp tools.

Please note that these gloves are not a substitute for a carver's care and proper technique, which are the most essential aspects of safe carving. A sharp point directed straight at the fabric will probably not be able to be stopped by this design and, while they are cut resistant, sustained or elevated pressure on concentrated areas of these gloves may result in penetration of the kevlar layer.

We advise these gloves be used as complement to best sharpening practice, and believe that they are an especially helpful aid for beginners looking to gain confidence while learning proper and safe techniques.