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Ryu Carving Set - 7pcs

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Kawasei is a well-known blacksmith from Niigata. He uses traditional techniques and materials.

These carving chisels are ideal for medium to heavy work; hard to soft woods. Its steel handles give the user a very direct action when carving. Each chisel can be struck with a wooden mallet.


  • Shortest chisel 148 mm
  • Longest chisel 185 mm
  • No 2 blue paper steel laminated with soft iron.
  • Comes in a signed Paulownia wooden box

The set includes the following 7 carving chisels:

  1. Gouge hollow straight shaft cut 7 / 9 mm
  2. Chisel straight 12 mm
  3. Paring chisel skew 9 mm
  4. Yarri Kanna 12 mm
  5. V-tool 8 mm
  6. Gouge hollow spoon bent shaft cut 7 / 12 mm
  7. Gouge hollow spoon bent shaft straight blade 9 mm