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Kanemoto Petty Knife - 135mm

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It's nice to be surprised by a steel, and the 19C27 edge of these knives has certainly caught us off guard. Not a common steel in Western knife making, Japanese knife makers have adopted it with gusto in reasonably priced knives, and a variety of edges marketed as "Swedish Steel" can include an edge of 19C27.

These beautiful examples use a very fine lamination for their cutting edge, clad in a soft stainless body. Using such a fine lamination allows the maker to put an extremely fine edge on the knife while maintaining a nice light weight.

Aside from the beautiful lamination, the other visual highlight of the blade is the punched finish which looks excellent in any light. The Western-style handle is made from engineered pakka wood, making for a tough, durable handle that looks great and will last many years.

Expect this knife to be easy to maintain free from rust, and similar to higher priced knives VG-10 in it's edge holding.

Petty Dimensions:
Overall Length: 240mm
Blade Length: 130mm
Blade Thickness: <2mm
Blade Width at Heel: 27mm