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Auto Retracting String Line - Red

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Stuggling with a string line? This auto-retracting unit gives you access to string line at a moment's notice without the need to deal with tangles, knots and trying to find the end of the bloody thing.

It uses the same pin as Shinwa's ink lines to anchor itself, so while you can wrap it around a nail or screw, it's also possible to twist it straight into timber.

Then there's the party piece. Slide back the cover to reveal a pair of pins that can be used to anchor the main unit wherever the other end of the string line is needed.

Want to hang it somewhere? No worries - lock it off to disengage the retracting mechanism and wind it around your choice of fixing.

And once you're done, disengage the lock, let the string line retract itself, and throw it back in the tool bag. Easy as!

Overall dimensions are 110×69×31mm.