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Pumbob Jr - Auto-rewinding, 200g

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Plumbobs are the oldest trick in the book - and yet, somehow, Shinwa has improved them again.

This unit has a solid steel pin that can be driven with a hammer into a stud or beam - or use the magnet to simply stick it to a steel frame.

The rewind mechanism is perfectly weighted, allowing the bob to be pulled down from the case smoothly and left in the exact required position, with no locking needed.

The string emerges from the unit exactly 30mm from the reference edge. Measure the tip of your bob, and if it's 30m from the wall as well, you're bang on. A few millimetres over or under 30mm means your frame needs correcting by just that much.

Want your string to drop exactly down a wall? Loop it over the pin on the body of the unit, and it now drops in line with the reference plane.

The bob itself weighs 200g, with a highly visible and rather sharp yellow tip. It ships with a protective yellow cover to keep you and it safe between jobs. The perimeter of the bob has a rubber ring to protect the surfaces of the bob while it is being steadied.

Once the job is done, lift the bob, allowing the string to retract back into the unit. Pull the pin out with the help of the finger-shaped grip, and get on to the next job. Easy!

Housing dimensions: 87 x 82 x 27mm. 
Bob Dimensions: 121mm tall, 32mm diameter.
String length: 3.5m