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Wonder Saw 220mm - Replacement Saw Blade

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This is the replacement saw blade (only).

  • Blade Length: 220 mm
  • Rip Cut: 10 tpi
  • Cross Cut: 21 tpi
  • Blade Thickness: 0.4 mm



The W-220 by Nakaya is made by Japan's most renowned saw maker. This Ryoba Saw is used for very accurate fine cuts, perfect for cutting Tenons and other fine furniture joints. The Japanese word 'Ryoba' means double sided one side is dedicated to rip cuts and the other side is for cross cuts. The four holes through the blade help reduce friction while cutting as the kerf of this saw is very small. The holes are also there to reduce weight to ensure balance and stability when cutting. This saw is made from High Carbon Swedish Steel and has triple edged hardened teeth which allows the user to cut with perfect accuracy and ease. All of our Japanese saws can cut Australian hardwoods without dulling the teeth and leaving a smooth cutting face.

Specifications of the saw:

  • Modern Innovative Japanese Ryoba Saw
  • Made from High Carbon Swedish steel
  • Impulse Hardened Teeth for Longevity
  • Replaceable Blade
  • Traditional Style Solid Timber Rattan Wrapped Handle
  • Holes relieved in blade for perfect balance and reduced