19 piece Boat Builders Tool Set

$695.00 AUD


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Japanese Tools Australia and Legacy Nautical Boat Builders proudly present the first Japanese Tools Set designed specifically for boat building.

This set contains 19 pieces (tools). Each tool has been carefully selected and successfully tested to maximize the performance, enjoyment and efficiency for building timber boats by a qualified shipwright.

These hand tools provide the foundation for the craftsman to take on timber boat building.

  • Kakuri Universal Saw Set
    • Japanese Red Oak Handle
    • Heavy Duty Canvas Bag
    • 4 Blades
  • 3-piece set of Kakuri Hybrid Chisels
    • 15mm
    • 25mm
    • 32mm
    • Heavy Duty Canvas Chisel Roll
  • Japanese Style Timber mallet
  • Shinto Saw Rasp
  • Shinwa 150mm Precision Square
  • Anvil Headed Nail Punch (not pictured)
  • Japanese Sliding Bevel 150mm
  • 30mm Japanese Smoothing Plane
  • 58mm Japanese Smoothing Plane
  • Rabbet Plane - 15x180mm
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Carry Bag
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Very easy transaction. It is a gift and I am looking forward to presenting it this week

Jillian L.
Charles R.