Whether you choose to run kitchen knives, pocket knives or woodworking tools across them, Cerax stones are capable of abrading even chrome- or vanadium-alloyed tool steels, stainless steel or high-carbon content steels. Japanese blue- and white-paper steels are, of course, also perfectly suited to being honed by the Cerax range.

Each stone in this range offers a single grit water stone sized 207mm x 70mm x 20mm. They offer a thicker, wider and longer stone than our combination Cerax range, and are perfectly suited to those who anticipate heavy use of their water stones, or who need to sharpen particularly large blades. Irons from Stanley-pattern 4 1/2- or 7- sized bench planes or larger Japanese planes fit comfortably across these stones.

It is not necessary to use all the grits to arrive at a sharp edge, though working through smaller steps in grit allows the user to spend less time and effort on each individual stone. Our three-stone set of #320, #1000 and #6000 provides all the required grades for grinding, honing and polishing your tools and is a great way of beginning a collection of water stones that can be built upon at a later date. 

For best results, soak your Cerax stones for 5-10 minutes before use and allow to dry afterwards. Do not leave the stones soaking in water for extended periods of time, as this can damage the binder and significantly reduce the life of the stone. 

As with all waterstones, we recommend regular flattening to achieve optimum results. We make our own lapping plates using glass float and adhesive backed sandpaper. Click here to view glass plates, and here for adhesive sandpaper.