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"Blue Pro" Digital Level - 350mm"Blue Pro" Digital Level - 350mm
"Sharp Line" 0.4mm Ink Line"Sharp Line" 0.4mm Ink Line
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"Tough Line" 0.7mm Ink Line"Tough Line" 0.7mm Ink Line
Shinwa "Tough Line" 0.7mm Ink Line
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1 Shaku/30cm Sashigane1 Shaku/30cm Sashigane
100mm Digital Vernier Caliper100mm Digital Vernier Caliper
15cm Carpenter's Square With Stop (15mm width)15cm Carpenter's Square With Stop (15mm width)
15cm Carpenter's Square with Stop (20mm width)15cm Carpenter's Square with Stop (20mm width)
2B Pencil - 3 Pack
30cm Carpenter's Square with Stop30cm Carpenter's Square with Stop
30cm Sashigane - Black30cm Sashigane - Black
30cm Sashigane - Millimetres - Flat30cm Sashigane - Millimetres - Flat
30cm Sashigane with Metal Stop30cm Sashigane with Metal Stop
Acrylic Speed Gauge for 4x2Acrylic Speed Gauge for 4x2
Adjustable Circular Saw Guide - 45cmAdjustable Circular Saw Guide - 45cm
Aluminium Sliding BevelsAluminium Sliding Bevels
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Auto Retracting String Line - RedAuto Retracting String Line - Red
Shinwa Auto-Punch
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Black Ink - 200ml
Black Ink for Use in Wet Conditions - 200mlBlack Ink for Use in Wet Conditions - 200ml
Blue Ink - 200mlBlue Ink - 200ml
Blue Junior Magnetic Level -  300 mmBlue Junior Magnetic Level -  300 mm
Blue Junior Magnetic Level - 100mmBlue Junior Magnetic Level - 100mm
Blue Junior Magnetic Level - 150 mmBlue Junior Magnetic Level - 150 mm
Blue Junior Magnetic Level - 200 mmBlue Junior Magnetic Level - 200 mm
Blue Junior Magnetic Level - 450 mmBlue Junior Magnetic Level - 450 mm
Blue Junior Magnetic Level - 600mmBlue Junior Magnetic Level - 600mm
Carpenter's Try-Square - 30cmCarpenter's Try-Square - 30cm
Chalk Powder - BlueChalk Powder - Blue
Chalk Powder - GreenChalk Powder - Green
Chalk Powder - PinkChalk Powder - Pink
Chalk Powder - RedChalk Powder - Red
Chalk Powder - WhiteChalk Powder - White
Chalk Powder - YellowChalk Powder - Yellow
Circular Saw Guide - 45/90 15cm
Circular Saw Parallel Rip Guide - 30cmCircular Saw Parallel Rip Guide - 30cm
Circular Saw Parallel Rip Guide - 45cmCircular Saw Parallel Rip Guide - 45cm
Disappearing Ink - 50 mlDisappearing Ink - 50 ml
Folding Rule - 1m, 5 FoldFolding Rule - 1m, 5 Fold
HB Pencil - 3 Pack
Mag-Lock Holder for Tape MeasuresMag-Lock Holder for Tape Measures
Mini Flat SquareMini Flat Square
Shinwa Mini Flat Square
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