Cerax Water and Oil Dual Stone Whetstones

$42.00 AUD

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Our Cerax range of water stones have always been popular with woodworkers. However, customers who purchase our pocket knives often ask if we have any sharpening solutions more appropriately sized for their needs.

New from Suehiro are Cerax Dual Stones. Available in 5 different grits, they ship in a hard clear plastic case and feature two flat surfaces as well as different radii on each edge of the stone.

These Dual Stone whetstones are completely unique in that they can be used with either oil or water as a lubricant and cutting medium. If you love using our Cerax waterstones, these can be used in exactly the same manner. Or if you prefer oil stones, throw a Dual Stone your toolkit and use it along with your Arkansas stones. If you change your mind, or would just like to experiment, oil can be added to a previously water-only stone, or an oily stone can be washed with detergent and put into service with water.

(PLEASE NOTE we do not recommend using oil on any other Cerax products - only the dual stone range)

The 300, 600, 1000 and 4000 stones measure 115mm by 38mm, and are 3 and 8mm thick at each edge. The combination 600/4000 pack contains two smaller stones - the 600 stone measures 98mm by 23mm and is 2mm and 6mm thick on each edge, while the 4000 measures 120mm by 10mm and is 8mm thick.