Imanishi Combination Waterstone - #1000/#6000

$105.00 AUD

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The Imanishi #1000/#6000 waterstone is a hard-wearing, high polish stone with each grit manufactured back-to back. 

For those who like to admire themselves in the reflection of their bevels, the Imanishi starts to give a lustre at the #1000 grit stage, while the #6000 polishes very nicely indeed, and is the highest polishing #6000 stone in our range.

It uses a magnesium binder (the only stone in our range to do so), and both grits wear quite slowly when compared to our Suehiro Cerax and even the Shapton Professional ranges.

Because of this we have found oursleves flattening them with the #140 Atoma plate, where normally we flatten these sorts of grits with a #400 Atoma. 

In a pleasant departure for combination stones, the Imanishi has a huge surface area, as large or larger than any single grit stone we stock. It's dimensions (210mm x 75mm x 35mm) lend it heft and inertia. 

Unlike our other ranges, the Imanishi doesn't ship with it's own base. We have found our spring-loaded stand to be an extremely good accompaniment.

For those looking for a single stone that can restore a dull edge and hone it to a fine polish, the Imanishi combination represents a lot of stone at a great price.