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1 Shaku/30cm Sashigane

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For those who have always wanted to try their hand working in traditional Japanese measurements, this sashigane offers the Western woodworker the option of both Shaku and metric measurements.

This sashigane has a very traditional profile, with a thick corner and thin edges that allow it to be used with ink-based tools without causing ink to bleed under the square.

It's main difference from our other sashigane models is that it's front face displays traditional Japanese measuring units. Each whole number on this face denotes a sun (30.3mm), which is subdivided into 10 bu (3.03mm). On the short arm, the bu markings are further subdivided into half-bu markings for the first three sun, and for the first five sun on the long arm. The total length of the long arm is 10 sun, equal to one shaku (30.3mm). 

Does that seem like a lot to remember? Never fear! The reverse face of the sashigane displays the metric units that we all know and love, out to 15cm on the short arm and 30cm on the long arm.

Please note that on both face of the sashigane, measurements are displayed against the outside of the sqaure only, not the inside of the square.

If you are considering working in sun and bu, we recommend using that measuring system - and only that measuring system - for your project. Trying to calculate conversions between metric and shaku systems can lead to a cracking old headache and misplacing your decimals, so staying within one system is a good way of avoiding it all.

The width of this sashigane is 15mm.