#1000 Cerax BRICK

$180 AUD

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The lovechild of hefty building materials and cutting-edge sharpening technology, this waterstone delivers all of the excellent properties of the Cerax range, only forever*.

Measuring 228mm long, 90mm wide and 58mm high, The Brick presents an even larger sharpening surface than our single grit #1000 Cerax stone (207x70mm). If you're feeling rebellious and decide to sharpen on one of the side surfaces, you'll still be using a sharpening area larger than that of our combination stones (187mmx63mm) and only slightly narrower. The Brick's extreme height makes it roughly three times the size of most sharpening stones, which means that it will provide years (if not decades) of service.

The major limiting factor of waterstones' lifespan is the need to flatten them during the sharpening process, which necessarily wears them away. While we are yet to wear out our regular #1000 waterstones, woodworkers who sharpen every day or flatten their stones particularly aggressively will eventually require a replacement stone. Please note that this process usually still takes years with regularly sized stones.

The Brick can be expected to provide an extreme lifespan under regular workshop conditions. We have found it to provide the same pleasingly aggressive cut as the regularly sized #1000 Cerax stone and is similarly easy to re-flatten. The Brick ships with a silicone base to reduce slippage when in use and an aura of presence and authority that will leave your diamond stones cowering in the sink.

*will not actually last forever. We mean this figuratively.

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Peter V

3030 1000 Grit "Brick"

And a Brick it is too :), at least almost the size of a Brick though a Brick you should have for life and pass on . Recently had the pleasure of purchasing this stone in order to try and eventually complete a Cerax Stone Set for my Knife Sharpening and although i allready own the Cerax 8080 1000 Grit the 3030 was a Stone i had to aquire and put to the test. You do these things if your keen at Knife Sharpening and have the bug for Sharpening Stones otherwise you cant sleep at night wandering :)??.. After a Chat with Christian at JTA who is pleasure to deal with saw the arrival of the Brick at the doorstep via Aust Post. The Stone soaking Tub , homemade Sinkbridge as well as the remainder of the Cerax Stones being the 320 , 1000 & 3000 were allready soaking in the tub ready to sharpen a Filletting knife recently aquired for Filletting Whiting . The Cerax 320 was the first off the rank in aquiring a bevel and a burr with this particular knife as it wasnt an expensive knife by far and just wanted to see how fast both the 320 and Brick would Load . The 320 wasnt a surprise as its a favourite of mine and loads nicely with really good feedback both tactile and audible. A burr was formed in approx three passes (Both sides ) a refined edge and then onto the 8080 1000 grit and from there to the 3000 to finish the process with a very keen edge finish . Not a mirror polished finish with the 3000 , but a hair whittling finish just the same although it may not be hair i test the finish but fine paper . Next starting stone with the second Knife of the same Brand was with the 3030 1000 grit "Brick " and really anxiouse here to see how this stone would load and feedback for creating a bevel and a burr , the 320 as a starting stone was fast so wanted to see how this would go ??. For me in all honesty this Stone is a Winner and a Stone that will stay for life , not only due to its size but the feedback and loadup being immediate and a fast cutting stone . For a 1000 grit at least ,visible loadup (Swarfe ) and the feedback as one would like to keep the rythm in the sharpening process going. For a Chef knife that has been used for awhile and just needs a bit of a touch up without going to a coarser eg 320 grit the 1000 Brick would surfice Sometimes thought this stone may have been closer to an 800 grit due to the speed it cut and feedback with but that could have been due to the cheaper brand Knife being tested which in itself would mean that it would cut a harder steel with comfort. Mind you i do feel there is a slight variation between the two 1000 grit stones with the 8080 1000 maybe being a tad harder (1200-1500 ??) in feel but still loading just as good Again i had a burr form in roughly three passes with the refinement at a lower pressure aquiring a keen edge on the blade . From there as before , i moved to the 3000 and this time to an 8000 grit stone of another brand to mirror polish the edge . I am sure anyone purchasing this Stone will be pleasantly surprised and Happy with it and give it a thumbs up

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