18mm Long Handle/Blade paring chisel

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This hand forged 18mm paring chisel is a pleasure to use. The long handle and blade give the user wonderful control for paring and trimming joints. The long blade allows you to reach into mortice and rebate joints with the blade remaining flat on the surface and without the handle hitting the workpiece.

Ideal for: Instrument making Paring Trimming

Use: light driving with a wooden mallet

Specifications: The blade is hand forged White Paper steel laminated with soft iron finished to a very nice standard.

Blade length: 90mm Japanese Red Oak Handle Length: 160mm Overall length: 340mm

The Chisel Blade is made by WATATOKU by Mr. Yasuhiro Watanabe. Yasuhiro san is over 75 years old. He has extensive experience in chisel (Nomi) making as a blacksmith in Yoita town (now Nagaoka City). Nagaoka city is one of the most famous woodworking tool blacksmiths area in Japan. WATATOKU has been making mainly hand-forged chisels for quite some time now. Unfortunately, Yasuhiro san does not have a skilful successor and so it will be interesting to see what will next happen in regards to the production of this beautiful chisel.

Category: Paring Chisels

Type: Chisels

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