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21mm Chisel by Ouchi san

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This beautiful range of chisels by Ouchi-san is handmade by this master smith in his Miki city forge.

The edges are white paper steel and handles are forged from branches of Japanese white oak.

We have been fortunate enough to have examples of these chisels in our workshop for some time and have found ourselves creating excuses to sharpen and use them. Once properly tuned by their new owner, they take a phenomenally sharp edge willingly and are sure to become the new go-to chisel in your workshop too.

To get the best results from these chisels, we suggest setting the hoop properly (our hoop setting tool is useful in this application), lapping the back flat on a steel lapping plate with #1000 waterstone grit or fine lapping powder, and sharpening the bevel on waterstones.

Blade Width: 21mm
Blade Length: 60mm
Blade Thickness: 6 to 8mm
Handle Length: 100mm
Total Length: 225mm