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3-Piece Long-Blade Carving Set

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Michihamono developed this set of large chisels for the shaping and refining of both the outside and the inside of Noh masks with wide blades and gentle radiuses suited to the carving of all large objects.

The flat gouge is used for faceting and rounding the large convex areas of the front of the mask.

The U-gouge permits the craftsperson to deliver power when driving towards the bench. It is very well suited to roughing out vertical faces, and was designed with the roughing of the mask's back in mind.

The bent U-gouge allows the excavation of bottom of the hollow back of the mask that sits over the face. However, we have found the large radius across the edge of this gouge to be really nicely suited to carving subtle recesses in spoons, spatulas and other forms. 

These tools use Michihamono's stunning HSS laminated edge with beautiful hinoki (cypress) handles.

Overall Length: 210mm
Blade Length: 65mm
Handle length:  140mm