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30cm Sashigane - Black

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This entry-level sashigane is an easy tool to have to hand for quick marking out jobs and even when drawing up designs on A3 or larger paper. 

It owes it's accessibility to it's printed, rather than etched, markings which remain easily readable in high contrast white-on-black with no half-mm lines to confuse the eyes.

It is important to note that only the outer edges of the front side of this sashigane measure in mm, with the inner edges reading in 5mm increments.

The reverse side also features mm increments only along the outside edges. On the inside edges it gives calculated markings for finding either the circumference of a round section on the short arm or the largest possible square section of timber from a round section on the long arm.

This sashigane has no profile and sits flat on a bench or workpiece.