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30cm Sashigane - Millimetres - Flat

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This sashigane style square is will quickly become a go-to tool for marking out. Easy to read thanks to carrying only whole-millimetre markings and Shinwa's trademark satin finish, we have selected this particular square for all of it's particular properties.

It has a 30cm long arm and 15cm short arm, making it large enough for most marking jobs and small enough to be wieldy at the workbench.

This is a flat-bar style square that will sit flush on a work piece or bench. For those who are used to marking against a ruler or flat bladed square, it will feel most familiar and has no drawbacks for use with pencils, knives or fine tipped felt pens.

Most importantly, this design does away with the traditional calculations. Instead it covers both sides of the square with millimetre markings. This makes it useful in both orientations for simple marking, a piece of feedback we have had from customers in their own workshops and in our classes.

5cm-increment numbers are picked out in red for ease of reference, and each blade is 15mm wide, to allow for easy measurement when using the inside of an arm as a measuring reference.