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42mm Polished HSS Tataki Nomi

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We are in love with our range of Stiletto chisels with HSS blades, and many of our customers are too. Plenty of Stilettos have would up in the tool rolls of finish carpenters and tradies working on hardwood fit-outs.

But what if you need something... bigger?

The tataki nomi is, traditionally, the carpenter's chisel. 30% longer than bench chisels at 300mm, with sturdier handles and meatier blades, they are designed for hard work and heavy driving.

Meet the HSS Tataki. Same edge as the Stiletto, same beautiful finish, same sleek shape, but... bigger. If it's big, hard stuff you're working on, these are a great choice for the job.

Their red oak handles are also larger than their little brothers', and come with the faceted hoop pre-set at the factory.

Length: 285mm
Blade Length: 75mm
Blade Width: 42mm
Thickness of blade behind bevel: 3.5mm
Thickness of Handle: 28mm