50cm Sashigane Square - Millimetres - Traditional Profile

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This traditional carpenter's square is flexible, with a profiled cross section that allows it to be used with ink without causing the marking lines to bleed. However, it breaks with tradition in one noticeable way in that it uses millimetre increments on both sides of both arms, and does not carry any pi-based or pythagorean calculation markings, as our other model does.

The sashigane so intrinsic to Japanese carpentry that has become a symbol of the craft in Japan.

The long arm measures 50cm, and the short arm 25cm. At this size, it is well suited to large furniture projects and structural work. It's profile raises the edge off the work surface by a fraction of a millimetre, preventing ink from smudging or running along the square's edge.

The millimetre marking on all arms (both front and back) means it can be used to measure mils in any orientation, a boon to Western woodworkers who might not have regular use for the calculations of traditional sashigane, but do want to measure from any edge in any direction.