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58mm High Carbon Steel Plane and Tuning Kit

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Purchase this kit before Christmas for a great price on a new Japanese plane and all of the tools needed to tune it.

    This extensive kit includes:
  • 58mm Japanese Plane with High Carbon Steel Cutting Edge
  • 15mm Hybrid Chisel
  • #1000/#6000 Combination Cerax Waterstone
  • Full-size Glass Plate 280mm x 225mm x 10mm - Sized to take a complete sheet of abrasive.
  • Adhesive-Backed Abrasive Sheets (P120 and P240)
  • 225g Genno Hammer
  • Bottle of Camellia Oil (rust protection for plane and chisel blades)

This kit is centred around our 58mm Japanese plane with high-quality high carbon steel blade and also includes the basic tools required to tune it before use. The 58mm blade offers a bevel with a large surface area and plenty of metal to hold on to, making it an excellent and accessible size for freehand sharpening. It's width makes it extremely versatile in the workshop, and it can be tuned as either a smoothing or jointing plane depending on the choices made by the user when setting up the sole of the plane.

To sharpen the blade we are including our best selling Cerax combination stone in its 1000/6000 configuration, and the glass plate and adhesive sandpaper that can be used to flatten it before it is submerged for sharpening. The full sized glass plate and adhesive backed sandpaper is also used for tuning the sole of the plane as it is a known flat surface.

To bed the blade properly we include our 15mm hybrid chisel, which can also be sharpened with the Cerax stone and is capable of producing exceptionally clean cuts. Aside from being useful in the tuning process, it also makes an excellent addition to any woodworker's toolbox.

To adjust the blade in and out of the body we also provide our well-made and balanced 225g hammer. As the blade is susceptible to rust, we suggest it be regularly coated with a light layer of the camellia oil we have also added to the kit.