#6000 Fine Sharpening Waterstone by Suehiro

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Suehiro's water stones are are some of the finest quality Japanese sharpening stones to be found on the market.

Thanks to its excellent efficiency and durability, the Suehiro range has won accolades both in Japan and around the world, and is now Europe's most popular water stone series.

The Suehiro range is exceptionally easy to use and as such is suitable for both beginners and professionals looking to keep their tools and knives keen and ready for the perfect cut.


  • 6000 grit
  • Snow white finishing stone
  • Dimensions of 206mm x 73mm x 23mm
  • Fine Nagura stone to refresh the surface of the stone.
  • Fixed housing with feet for stability while sharpening

*Submerge stone in water for at least 5-10 minutes prior to use.

Do not keep this stone in water for long periods of time.

Category: Waterstones

Type: sharpening

Highly Recommended