Aluminum Sliding Bevel - 30 cm

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Indispensable for transferring angles, this large sliding bevel has a beautiful smooth action, is easy to read, and locks so tightly that not only can it be used to scribe angles, but will do service as a circular saw guide if required.

The bracing arm is what steps this tool's holding strength up a level from bevels without. The bottom of the bracing arm slides on a plastic bushing that also functions as an indicator. By lining the bushing up with the markings on the first arm the bevel can be set to a precise angle, and also used to measure and read an existing angle. 

The scale displays angles in 1 degree increments between 20 degrees and 120 degrees, as well as a centimetre scale. The bevel's maximum opening is 135 degrees, ad it packs down compactly to fit easily into any tool bag or box.