An Mon Damascus Kamisori Razor

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Kamisori, or Japanese razors, are beginning to find favour in the Western world from those looking for a close, comfortable shave with the finest possible implement. This beautiful Kamisori has been forged by Nigara-san, a master blacksmith from Aomori prefecture. Nigara-san can trace his lineage and craft through 8 generations of master blade smiths, and his ancestor was a master katanasmith serving the Hirosaki shogunate. 

Nigara-san has forged this kamisori using shirogami core steel for the cutting edge and incorporated a spiralled Damascus pattern on the handle and head. The name of this Damascus pattern is An Mon, which is considered the intellectual property of Nigara-san and is patented in Japan.

The main point of difference between Kamisori and Western straight razors is the bevel configuration - where our Australian customers may be familiar with the double-bevel of a straight razor, Kamisori incorporate a single, steep bevel and a hollow-ground back. The accepted wisdom is to shave with the hollow ground back to the face, though this rule is not adhered to by all. 

Honing the edge of a kamisori to a useable edge for close shaving is best done with leather strops, abrasives paste and extremely high-grit waterstones. 



Overall length: 165 mm

Blade length: 50 mm

Weight: 60 g 

Core: high carbon blue paper steel

Exterior: Damascus steel


Type: Tools

Highly Recommended