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Aogami Plane Blade & Chipbreaker Set - 42mm by Komori-san

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Identical to the blades found in our full kanna, this 42mm plane by third-generation smith Hideki Komori san is hand-forged with a blue paper steel (aogami) cutting edge and crafted with aesthetics that are beyond compare.

As can be expected of any smith-made plane from Japan, the blade is forged from Aogami, also known as blue paper steel. A high-performance high-carbon steel favoured by Japanese smiths for its excellent edge retention and durability, this plane will take a razor-sharp edge, though it will need to be stored with care to negate it's susceptibility to rust.

The finish that Komori san has chosen for the visible surfaces of his plane blades is as beautiful as it is distinctive. The blade is a lustrous pewter colour with forging marks still visible, while the chipbreaker retains a traditional etched finish.

With beautifully formed bevels and a wonderfully worked ura on the back of the blade, the quality of Komori-san's tools is truly special.