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Bent U-Gouge - Shirogami

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Well suited for rough to medium-finish carving, we like using these bent u-gouges out the back of the hand.

Their bevels are ground quite acutely, giving the bevel itself a long flat shape. In our tests we found them suitable for shallow bowl carving, but this long bevel was harder to manipulate into the acute interior corners of small or even medium sized spoons.

However, we really enjoyed texturing a few pieces of huon with them, and these gouges will be very well suited to many applications in mid- to large-sized work.

Their white paper steel edges (Shirogami #2) take a fantastic edge and are easy to maintain with regular stropping or a fine profiled stone.

Their 18mm-diameter handles are cherry.Overally length is approximately 240mm, with the handle 180mm and the blade 60mm.