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Build A Teahouse with Fujimoto Traditional Carpentry Company - COURSE BALANCE

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The course:

This three day course parachutes you into the shoes of a jobbing Japanese carpenter. Students will work as a team to build a small Japanese teahouse structure, with the work required to do so distributed in the same way as the Fujimoto Traditional Carpentry Company distributes it's work amongst it's carpenters.

After orientation and instruction in the techniques needed to measure and mark precise joints at a structural scale, Ryo and Greg will assign each student a particular piece of timber with a prespecified role in the structure.

The joinery that will needed to be cut into each piece of timber will change depending on it's place in the teahouse. All students will get the chance to cut tenons and mortices or varying size and complexity. Some students will also get the chance to work on more advanced joinery components such as those requiring compound angles.

With all joints cut, the structure's frame will be raised as mortices and tenons cut by different students will come together to form the teahouse. Due to time restrictions there will not be the opportunity to fit flooring, roofing or walls, but these elements will also be discussed and instructed upon.

Students will sign the work with their own individual flourish. Japanese Tools Australia will be entrusted with this special tea house, using it to display the beauty and elegance of Japanese carpentry in our Sydney showroom and at selected events.

The teachers:

Ryo Fujimoto is the owner and master carpenter of Fujimoto Traditional Carpentry Company based in Saitama prefecture. Ryo's philosophy of construction centres on using natural materials, with traditional timber framing taking centre stage in his projects. Fujimoto Traditional Carpentry takes all of it's projects from design to completion in-house, and as the company's head, Ryo is a master of design, layout, logistics, ordering, marking, cutting, building and delivery. The chance to work on a structure under the direction of such an experieced and energetic carpenter is not to be missed.

Greg Simpson has spent the past three years working as a carpenter for Fujimoto Traditional Carpentry. Now and experienced hand on site and in the shop, Greg's recent seminar in the JTA workshop proved to be a goldmine of information and inspiration as he ran through the process that needs to be undertaken to design, mark, cut and build a traditional structure. This course represents the chance to take Greg's knowledge out of the world of theory and bring it together in the timber.

Course structure:

When: Friday 31 Jan, Saturday 1 Feb, Sunday 2 Feb 2020. 9am to 5pm.
Optional sharpening session will be held in the fortnight before the course for students to set up their chisel.

Cost: $1250. Places secureable with a $200 deposit.
Included: Each student will receive a high quality carpenter's chisel to build the tea house and take home after the course. Lunch and refreshments will be provided each day.

Previous experience of Japanese carpentry or structural joinery is NOT required for this course. This course is designed to demystify the process and provide a logical, step by step process that is easily followed to complete the work. An interest in and enthusiasm for woodwork, as well as a willingness to try new things, is the only prerequisite for this course.

The structure:
Day 1.

Lecture - Introduction to the fundamentals of Japanese joinery
Safety briefing
Project overview
Allocation of roles
Marking the timber

Day 2.

Tool preparation
Joint cutting demonstration
Clean up

Day 3.


Enquiries: If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to write to us at info@japanesetools.com.au or call (02) 9527 3870.