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Carving Chisel Set for Driving - 5pc

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In our tests, we have really enjoyed excavating trays and bowls with Michihamono's carving tools for driving. This set is designed to rough in the form of your carving or sculpture, and can be driven with a hammer.
We found the white paper steel (Shirogami #2) in these tools to stand up very well to hammer hits It needs to be noted that, as with any laminated chisel, they should not be used lever out waste - they will perform best when driven straight along their cutting edge.
This set includes 5 basic shapes that will be of great use throughout any roughing work. They include;
  • 15mm flat chisel
  • 24mm flat chisel
  • 15mm u-gouge
  • 24mm straight u-gouge
  • 15mm shallow u-gouge
All handles are turned from Japanese red oak, and all tools are 220mm long. This set ships in a vinyl box.