No. 8 Carving Knife - Hawk Bill Single

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This carving knife is a right handed single bevel. Hollow ground for ease of sharpening. The blade is concave towards the point. Perfect for undercutting, whittling and detailed carving work.


Blade: Blue Paper Steel laminated with soft iron, Hawk Bill Single Bevel

Blade thickness: 2mm

Handle: Cypress wood

Overall length: 155mm

How to sharpen the blade:

  1. Use a piece of soft wood 15mm x 15mm x 200/300mm long.
  2. Create a slight convex side.
  3. Use some of the slurry from your Japanese 1000 grit water stone - make sure it is dried up slurry from sharpening.
  4. Lightly moisten the wood and put the slurry powder on the convex side of your soft wood.
  5. Set the knife up so it is fixed and with the bevel, level or parallel to your work surface and run the soft wood over the edge of the blade.
  6. After every pass, the grit on your wood, is getting smaller and smaller. It eventually becomes a polishing paste. E.g. the 1000 grit may become 5000 grit.
If the blade is in bad condition, you might need to keep applying the 1000 grit dried up slurry. If you don't have a Japanese water stone, you may use a 1200 grit diamond adhesive backed paper and cut it into a strip, which you stick onto your piece of soft wood. That diamond sandpaper can be found here: Please note that the slurry (waste product of your sharpening stone) can be used for sharpening/polishing of any other blade in any profile.

Category: Carving Knives

Type: Carving

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