#700 Cerax Waterstone Suehiro

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The #700 grit waterstone achieves a fair compromise between the task of regrinding a bevel and beginning the sharpening process. It maintains aggressive qualities without leaving visible individual scratches. The #700 stone is unique in the Cerax range in that it ships without a hard case and sits in a silicone ring for stability. 

This stone is perfect for the first stage of sharpening a new blade or general maintenance.

The Cerax water stone by Suehiro Niigata Japan is renowned for its fast cutting surface and its longevity. Not only is it Europe's best selling water stone, it also has a very solid reputation in Japan and the rest of the world. Widely used across the woodworking and culinary professions; these stones are made from slow-wearing ceramic particles which act as the perfect abrasive for high carbon steel and tool steel alloy such as Vanadium and Chromium. 


  • 700 grit
  • Dimensions of 207mm x 70mm x 20mm
  • Silicone base ring to hold stone steady while sharpening
  • Submerge stone in water for at least 5-10 minutes prior to use.

Do not keep this stone in water for long periods of time. 

Category: Sharpening, Water Stone

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended