Chopstick Maker Jig

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This chopstick making set comes with a double sided jig and a Japanese style plane.
One side can be set to a fine tapper and the other side could make a deeper tapper. 
You can make a tapered chopstick and adjust the taper according to the type of timber or style of chopstick you want, for example if you wanted a fine tip set of chopsticks, e.g. 2mm square at the tip, adjust the tapper so the plane will stop planing when the tip gets to 2mm. For fine tips it is advisable to use a hardwood. 
The jig and plane are made of white oak, the plane has a HSS blade which can be easily sharpened or replaced. 
All you need is to cut your desired timber into 8mm squares, taper one side, then turn once and taper the adjacent side. 
Please note the chopstick blanks featured from the picture do not come with the set. 
Straight rain Jarrah makes great chopsticks.
Here are the instructions:
Picture 1. describes the locking mechanism, which is a wedge, the two sides of the jig.
Picture 2.
Choose the thin end/bottom of your chopstick.
Write 1-4 on each side.
Picture 3.
One method to secure the chopstick jig.
Lay a rubber mat down.
Clamp a thin piece of wood along the edge to prevent the jig from sliding back when you pull the plane.
Picture 4.
Cut the chopstick to the appropriate length
Lock this in with the wedge
Picture 5.
Plane sides 1 and 2 with the correlating sides on the jig.
Picture 6. + 7.
Turn the jig over and plane sides 3 and 4.
Note that at times you might have to rotate the jig 180 degrees depending on the direction of the wood grain of the chopstick.
Picture 8.
Use the scale on the side of the chopstick jig and measure your index finger to the outside of your thumb at a right angle.
Picture 9.
Dock the chopstick according to the outcome of the scale.
Picture 10.
Sand and lightly aris the edges of the chopstick.
Picture 11.
Rotate the jig 180 degrees depending on the direction of the wood grain of the chopstick and always pull the plane towards you.
How to adjust a Japanese plane:
Picture 1:
Describes all the 12 parts of the plane.
Picture 2:
Irrelevant as I have upgraded the plane to a traditional style blade instead of a replaceable blade.
Picture 3:
Use a steel hammer to insert the blade and chip breaker by hitting the top of the blade.
To remove the blade and chip breaker, strike the back of the plane block where the bevel is located.
To set the depth of the blade, turn the plane upside down and look down the soul of the plane to see the blade sticking out and also make sure the blade is parallel to the soul of the plane. To get the blade parallel, adjust the blade laterally by tapping the opposite side of the blade.
The blade should be sticking out between 0.05mm - 0.1mm.
To best see the blade, make sure the background is well lit e.g. white wall.
The chip breaker should be positioned 0.1mm - 0.2mm behind the blade.
Picture 4:
The correct way of holding a plane, is one hand on the back of the plane behind the blade and the other hand in front of the blade holding the body of the plane.
When starting a cut, you push down on the front of plane and pull with the back.
As you are finishing the cut, swap the pressure and so pull with the front of the plane and press down with the back.
This will ensure that there is pressure on the blade at all times.
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The maximum length of the chopsticks it can make, is 240mm.

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