Ryoba Saw, Professional Onikatana 240mm - Replacement Blade

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This is the replacement blade only.

The blade is made from Swedish Steel, and is uniquely finished with a super hard chrome plating. This saw is the closest to the traditionally made handsaw you will find, but without the maintenance and the need to sharpen and set the teeth. This process of hardening, is exclusively from Nakaya. It has rust resisting properties and is guaranteed to stay sharper for longer than any other saw on the market. 

This saw is ideal for cutting tenons and other joints where a fine finish with a thin kerf is required. 


Blade Length: 240 mm    
Blade Thickness: 0.6 mm
20 Teeth per 30 mm Cross-cut

9 Teeth per 30 mm Rip-cut

Category: Blades, Ryoba Pull Saw

Type: Tools

Highly Recommended