Cranked Neck Paring Chisel 12mm

$245.00 AUD

Japanese Tools Australia

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Kote (flat iron) Tsuki (with) Nomi (chisel) are intended for trimming rebates and other joinery, flush trimming wooden dowels and tenons and tuning trenches and sliding dovetails, where the use of a normal chisel would not be practical.

The stepped design of the neck allows the chisel to be presented to the work surface extremely flat for a very low angle of attack on the cut. It also allows the blade to work and smooth the bottoms of trenches without the interference of the handle or the craftsperson's hands.

The blade has a thin triangular cross section, which offers minimal interference when used in a tight cut, such as cleaning up the bottom of a sliding dovetail where the edges of the rebate would obstruct thicker chisels.

Each chisel features a hand-forged laminated blade of soft iron and white paper steel. This high carbon steel cutting edge is easy to sharpen and will take an exceptionally keen edge. The handle is Japanese Red Oak. Please note these are specialised, hand made tools and will require maintenance and attention before first use, as well as during their long service life.

Available in five different sizes:
6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm.