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Fish Tail Chisel - 6mm Aogami by Ouchi-san

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These custom chisels have been hand-forged by master smith Ouchi-san of Miki city. Featuring a fanned shape behind the cutting edge, they are ideal for tuning joinery such as blind dovetails that require fine paring in acute interior angles.

These chisels are forged with a laminated Aogami (blue paper steel) cutting edge and fitted with an oak handle. They are only suitable for fine paring work and are not to be struck under any circumstances.

  • Entire tool length: 270mm
  • Handle Length: 160mm
  • Cutting edge width: 6mm
  • Chisel head length: 4mm

Ouchi-san was kind enough to allow JTA to film his forging process. The amount of skill and experience he brings to every single one of his blades is evident as he forges a batch of larger bench chisels.