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Gokuboso-asamaru - 0.5mm U-Gouge

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The brother of our long-time favourite ultra-fine 0.5mm U-Gouge, this tool uses the same incredible laminated HSS cutting edge but instead installs it in a long cherry handle.
It is absolutely perfect for adding hair, fur and other super-fine detail to carving projects of any scale.
This longer handle allows an easier pencil grip while carving. However, unlike it's sibling, this model's blade cannot be removed and reinstalled.
Our years of experience with these tools has taught us, both through our customers' experience and our own, that these blades are so fine (about 1.5mm in total diameter) that they can be snapped during use. 
While we highly recommend them, this is normally with the provision that you are an experienced carver accustomed to caring for fine tools. If you are starting out carving, the printmaker u-gouges are available in 1mm and 1.5mm models that still offer incredibly fine lines, with less vulnerable cutting edges.
Handle length is 180mm, overall length 210mm.