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240mm Komame Ryoba

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With its two different tooth patterns, the Ryoba saw ensures optimum cutting performance not only across but also along the grain, making it the most versatile saw for carpentry and joinery. The thicker saw blade allows backless control and thus cuts of any depth flush to the surface. Gyokucho use a method called impulse hardening to increase the durability of the tooth tips.

The cutting edge is heated for 0.003~0.005 seconds by applying an electrical current, instantly hardening the surface of the steel while maintaining the flexibility inside. As a result, the saw’s wear resistance increases. The hardened saw tooth is much harder than sharpening files so the blade cannot be sharpened and needs to be replaced once it is dull.

Blade length is 240mm with 23 teeth/30mm and 0.45mm thickness.

Blade Thickness:0.45mm Kerf: 0.73mm

Replacement blade: Available (item#S-611)

Handle type: Magnolia wood wrapped with rattan offers a comfortable grip