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240mm Sunchild Dozuki

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This SunChild Japanese pull-saw with universal teeth is an excellent all-purpose woodworking saw.

Ideal for fine work such as dovetails and tenons.

The saw features a metal spine back which gives the saw very accurate straight cuts.

It is a good saw for both soft & hard woods, for plywood, acrylics, & laminate board too.

The teeth are impulse hardened which makes the blade tough & durable for prolonged life & wear.

The blade also can be removed when/if needed to be replaced.  

The handle is made of wood, wrapped in traditional Rattan for a comfortable grip. 


Universal Toothing

Blade length 240mm

Blade thickness 0.3mm

Pitch 1.3mm

Set 0.1mm per side

Maximum practical cutting depth 45mm