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Hand Forged Kasumi Genno - Polished Finish 225g

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This hammer has been hand forged by master blacksmith Tenryu and is of the Daruma-style. The two striking surfaces are forged, hardened and laminated on the centre of the body, which is made of a softer steel. This absorbs the impact after striking.

This hammer is collectible as it is made in a traditional manner in the migaki shiage style (polished finish). It is available in both 375g and 225g head sizes.

This hammer requires the wedge to be fitted. Tenryu san intentionally leaves this process out as the handle will expand and contract in different climates causing the wedge to become loose. Once the hammer has acclimatised to its new home, the wedge can be fitted.


Weight: 375g and 225g

Length: 330mm

Squared Head with Rounded Edges

Hand Forged High Carbon Steel and soft iron steel

Japanese White Oak Handle