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Hibiki Ryoba Saw, 210mm

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From Silky Saw, The Hibiki is a Japanese Ryoba type saw with two different teeth on each blade for quick ripping along and smooth cuts across the fibers. Both edges are 210 mm long, one edge has fine teeth for longitudinal cuts on one side and Mirai-Me edge for transverse cuts on the other.

The blade is sharpened towards the center up to thickness of 0,4 mm. Edge Thickness is 0,9 mm. Thanks to this, you can achieve an unbelievably accurate, smooth and precise cut.

The Hibiki also has a rubberized aluminum handle allows a firm and comfortable cut. Supplied in a plastic sheath with a belt clip making it ideal for joiners and carpenters.

Blade length 210 mm, 22 / 18.5 teeth per 30 mm, total length 49 cm, 
Blade thickness from 0.4 to 0.9 millimeters, blade width 58-68 mm