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HSS Woodblock Print Chisel Set - 9 Piece

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Beautifully presented in a Paulownia box, this 9 piece chisel set represents an excellent cross-section of our top of the line HSS-laminated carving tools from Michihamono. Purchasing these tools as a kit offers a saving over purchasing them individually. This set is similar to our other HSS carving sets, with two extra tools over the 7-piece and 3 tools less than the 12-piece.

These beautifully made tools keep an edge above and beyond any other metallurgy we have been able to find in carving tools.

This set includes:

1.5mm Woodblock Carving Knife (1mm can be found here)
3mm Woodblock Carving Knife
6mm Woodblock Carving Knife
4.5mm Printmaker V-gouge
1mm Printmaker U-Gouge
3mm Printmaker U-gouge
6mm Printmaker U gouge
6mm Hangi-To Woodblock Carving Knife (Right)
15mm Kento-nomi Carving Knife for Registration Marks (high carbon edge, not HSS)

If you would like to substitute a similar tool of a different size from the HSS range into your set, please send us an email and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Handles are cherry. The brass ferrule can be removed and the tool can pivot open on it's dowel to reveal the blade's tang. A line can appear down the body of the chisel where the two halves meet.

Handle Length: 110mm
Overall Length: 130mm