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Ice Carving Chisels - Set of 5

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We have always thought that Australia, with it's cold climate and folkloric ice-carving tradition, needed tools to service the ice carvers as well as the wood whittlers. So, we brought in these beauties.

This beautiful set of ice carving chisels has come to us following the closure of their previous home, a tool shop in Niigata. As such, this set is a one-of-one and never to be repeated.

While we do not know the maker or the steel in the edge, it is evident they have been made with a significant amount of skill and beautifully finished.

Their handles are turned from rosewood, and the heads are very large compared to the sizes of carving tools we are used to dealing with.

The set comprises;

  • Bent U-Gouge, 30mm wide, shallow radius, bevel down
  • Flat Chisel, 36mm wide, straight cutting edge
  • Flat Chisel, 36mm wide, curved cutting edge
  • V-Gouge, 30mm deep, 38mm between top corners
  • Deep U-gouge, 40mm wide, semi-circular profile, interior bevel