Ikeda Orie Nomi 10pcs Japanese Red Oak handles

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Yoshiro Ikeda is a famous blacksmith from Niigata working in Sanjo city.

These chisels are of exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. For the edge, White Paper Steel has been used. This is forge welded to a softer iron back for strength and toughness. The blade is ground on the bevel, and the edges, the base of the nomi has a traditional hollow ground. The rest of the chisel is left with a beautiful matt black finish from forging.

The chisels are sharpened and ready to use. Each chisel has an overall length of 220 mm and a blade length of 60mm.

The set comes in a beautiful Paulownia wooden box, which is signed by Ikeda. These chisels have the Densan-mark.

It contains the following size chisels:

  1. 3mm
  2. 6mm
  3. 9mm
  4. 12mm
  5. 15mm
  6. 18mm
  7. 24mm
  8. 30mm
  9. 36mm
  10. 42mm

Category: Carving Chisels

Type: Tools

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