Ink Line with Auto-retract and Line Lock

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Ink lines have been the preferred method of laying out long cuts and establishing centre lines in Japanese carpentry for centuries. In modern times, the sumitsubo that has become synonymous with the craft has been enthusiastically adapted and tweaked by modern makers.

This ink line, the Junior Plus by Shinwa, has a raft of features that extend it's capabilities and improve it's ease of use.

The ink compartment is a sealed unit that opens and locks with a catch on the side of the body. Sponges store the ink and charge the line, and can be pressed harder onto the line with the rubber button, imparting more ink.

Pinning the loose end of the line in place is as easy with the spring-loaded pin that stows securely in the unit when not in use.

The lock feature allows the user to manage the length of the line without touching the string.

The unit has a retractable nose that holds the line hard against the timber to be marked.

Finally the auto-rewind makes using the ink line more akin to using a tape measure, with no need to reel the line back in once the mark has been made.

String measures 10 metres x 0.7mm.

Unit measures 175mm x 70mm x 38mm.