It's My Knife - Fedeca

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Create a one-of-a-kind knife. Design a handle by carving a custom handle.

The ‘Its my knife’ kit has everything you need to make a knife without all the required expertise. Transform the pieces in the kit into a beautiful work of art, or a perfect functional piece.

First, remove the parts of the handle from a wood mold. Next, shape your handle to desired design and then smooth the surface with sandpaper. Finish your project by attaching the two screws through the handle piece. No tools are required to complete this project.

The blade is created by blacksmiths utilising traditional Japanese steel making techniques to produce ‘Yasuki’ steel. This high quality metal is stronger and more elastic, helping to promote longevity of the blade. The 'Hamono' is ideal for knife enthusiants that seek precise, soother cuts.

Beech wood is supplied for the handle in an off white to pale pink in hue, and is a moderately hard wood that is easy to grip.

This kit is perfect for novices right through to expert craftsman. The results are only limited by your imagination. Experiment utilizing wood-burning, engraving, painting and pattern design to create the ultimate handle. Personalize it with an initial or phrase, and finish your creation with a dark brown wax or a simple coat of oil.