It's My Knife, Santoku 172mm with craft knife set

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The It's My Knife Santoku knife kit provides everything you need to make your own Santoku kitchen knife.

The name of Santoku is already well-known as the most popular type of Japanese kitchen knives. It translates as 'three virtues' (uses) and refers to the three types of cuts i.e. slicing, dicing and mincing.

Designed as a first knife making project to help beginners achieve a superb result first time around, you don't need any heat treatment or forging equipment, belt grinder or anything.

A vice and a couple of sharp files are helpful but not essential. The soul of any knife is its blade, this one is made from Japanese Yasuki special stainless steel “Silver Paper Steel No.3”, which is highly evaluated by professional chefs world-wide. Whether you choose to give it a rustic or refined appearance is down to your personal tastes, but the result will always be a very high performance knife.

The supplied handle blank are made from Burmese teak which are superb in durability and waterproofness yet easy to carve and process. Also included are the fixings: square tang, pre-polished solid brass bolster & hex key and attachment screws.

The Santoku knives come in two different length, L250mm ( Blade length 125mm・Thickness 2mm ), and L296mm ( Blade length 172mm・Thickness 2m).