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Japanese Bench Chisel - 21mm - The Bullfighter

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For those looking to to dip their toe in the world of Japanese chisels, the Bullfighters are a great option. We are very happy to recommend them as a beginner's chisel.

Machine manufactured to meet a budget, these chisels retain a high carbon steel laminated edge and white oak handle. However, they are also finished to very good tolerances, take a great edge and perform beautifully.

First in our testing is the tease of setup. Despite appearances to the contrary, we don't love spending all day lapping the back of a new chisel, and the Bullfighters blew away all other similarly priced competition in their readiness to be lapped flat on the back and have their bevels sharpened. Consistent grinds make these processes much simpler, and much more accessible to anyone new to Japanese tools.

Second was their durability and useability. These chisels have now spent three months floating around our workshop, and we've passed them around at sharpening nights for paring and scraping jobs, bashed out mortices and had no hesitation to throw them at any chiselling operation.

We have resharpened them multiple times, which has been quick and easy on a #1000 grit stone with a quick touch up on any higher grit (#2k, #3k, #6k stones all do a good job) and they have performed well above our expectations.

Overall Length: 225mm
Blade Length: 55mm
Handle Length: 95mm
Handle Diameter: 25mm
Blade width: 21mm