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Japanese Plane - 42mm, Aogami blade, Flat Sole Profile

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This plane represents an upgrade of our entry-level high carbon steel Kakuri planes with the addition of a blue paper steel (aogami) blade, which gives excellent peak sharpness, ease of sharpening and edge retention.

In this model, we have also commissioned that the sole NOT be relieved behind the blade. This means that this plane can be set up with an extra point of contact at the back of the body behind the blade. We have been enjoying using this sole profile with jig work as it allows a stable mating with the jig's reference surfaces.

Blue paper steel is a premium cutting-edge steel that enjoys an unparalleled reputation in Japanese smithing. More commonly employed in the high-end hand-laminated planes of master smiths, this plane represents excellent value for money as it introduces blue paper steel into a more affordable price category.

Setup and tuning of this plane should be done following the steps as for any other Japanese smoothing plane, however, because the sole now has an extra contact patch, extra attention will need to be paid to keeping the sole tuned throughout the life of the plane. 


Plane Block Size: 180mm long x 67mm wide
Cutting edge width: 40mm
Blade Material: laminated blue paper steel and soft steel backing
Body Material: Japanese white oak