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Kamiwaza Usu Nomi, 9mm

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Hand forged with white paper steel (shirogami #2) edges, these Kamiwaza usu nomi are designed to pare fine amounts of material around joints.

The usu nomi is different in a few key ways to other Japanese chisel shapes. It's head is longer than most, which gives it longer reach. The neck is elongated and has been gently cranked a few degrees above the horizontal, allowing it to clear the workpiece and giving even better access into the areas of your work that need fine adjustment.

The bevel angle of our usu nomi is much finer than that of bench chisels. This, together with the longer handle that finds itself without the reinforcement of a steel hoop, means that it is imperative that only hand pressure is applied to these chisels, and that they are not used to lever waste or excavate large amounts of material.

For best results, we recommend lapping the back of your new usu nomi on a steel kanaban and touching up the bevel on waterstones (more details can be found here).

Blade Width: 9mm
Overall Length: 335mm
Blade Length (Cutting Edge to Start of Neck): 90mm
Blade thickness at Neck Joint: 6mm
Blade Thickness at Back of Bevel: 3mm
Approximate Bevel Angle: 21 degrees