Kawasei Tsurugi Carving Tool Set, 15 pieces

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Each chisel has white Japanese oak handles and is made with number 2 blue paper steel, laminated with soft iron.
Kawasei is a well known blacksmith from Niigata.
The chisels are used for medium to heavy work. Therefore, they have no iron hoop and cannot be struck with a steel hammer. They can, however, definitely be hit with a timber mallet.
These chisels are used for light finishing work involving printmaking, traditional mass carving in Japan e.g. relief carving, print block.
They can also be used for medium sized carving e.g. free standing sculptures as the timber handles and the construction of the chisel can be hit with a wooden mallet.
This 15-piece set contains the following chisels:
  1. flat 15mm dovetail chisel
  2. 12mm right hand skew
  3. 12mm gouge
  4. 9mm gouge
  5. 12mm cranked gouge
  6. 9mm flat dovetail
  7. 7mm Yari-Kanna
  8. 4.5mm right hand skew
  9. 2mm gouge
  10. 5mm cranked gouge
  11. 7mm V-parting tool
  12. 3 mm gouge
  13. 7mm flat cranked
  14. 6mm cranked gouge
  15. 10mm reverse gouge

Category: Carving Chisels, Chisels

Type: Tools

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