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Kikuhiromaru Bench Chisel - 6mm

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It's impossible to write a dispassionate description of these beautiful chisels, and so we have moved Mitch's ravings to their own page over here.

Handmade with Shirogami (white paper steel) #1 edges, these chisels are beautifully finished and leave the factory with excellent tolerances to flat on their back, and a very well prepared bevel.

While they require final setup by the user (as with all Japanese chisels), we have found them to be a very easy tool to set up due to their excellent finish.

Their handles have already had their hoops fitted, reducing the work needed to be done by their eventual owner.

The Kikuhiromaru's propensity to take a great edge and hold onto it is phenomenal. We have found them capable of heavy morticing in even the most arduous of Aussie hardwoods without any difficulties, and they will take a shave-ready edge that hangs around far longer than it has any right to.